Saturday, June 12, 2010

Trap Follow-up is Going to be a “Monster”

After stretching creatively with Trap, I’m moving back into familiar horror waters with my latest “Monsters in the Woods.” It follows a micro-budget movie crew that goes into the woods to shoot monster scenes to insert into their drama feature that they have been unable to sell. They soon find themselves lost in the wilderness and in the middle of a real horror movie of their own. It’s loosely based on events surrounding Trap. There was a time, when faced with distributor rejection that we were considering splicing horror elements into Trap (at the request of a distributor – who will remain nameless.) Of course cooler heads prevailed and Trap was self-distributed, but I thought it was a cool set up for a horror flick…hence “Monsters in the Woods.”

“Monsters in the Woods” is shooting on location in Malibu and Big Bear, CA in August. Scale-wise, it’s my most ambitious project to date. It has an energy and fast pace that has been missing from my past work. It will be a bloody-fun monster romp.


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