Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bigger, Better, Scarier.

The next block of production on Monsters in the Woods (late august/early sept) is exciting, scary, ambitious, expensive (by our meager budget standards) and is going to be shot on location in Big Bear. Yeah, I know it’s only 2 hrs from La or is it 4? but we are traveling and putting folk up, which is something I’ve never had to deal with on a production before. In addition, all the shooting here is “legit.” Permits? Check. Insurance? Check. If someone gets hurt or dies, we won’t have to cover it up (this time.)

In a few short days we will have to cover 95% of the 1st act and a huge climatic massacre set piece involving all the principle and most of the 2ndary cast. monsters, complicated fx and blood work. Our cast count alone is over 14.

It’s probably the most ambitious chunk of shooting I’ve ever taken on. I’m excited and more than a bit anxious. But I have the cast and crew to pull it off. Bring it on!


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