Sunday, July 25, 2010

How to Make a Movie in 6 Days (give or take) Part 2 : Monsters in the Woods

07/25/2010 Production meeting / rehearsal / audition

Today’s kind of complicated meeting. This is the 1st full meeting Robert Bravo and I have had since our June shoot dates. There is a lot to cover. 1st off I’ve tried unsuccessfully over the past two weeks to organize a full script read through with the cast. There are over 15 major roles in the movie and it’s next to impossible to get all the actors and myself together on any given day prior to shooting. In addition I have 2 major cast members who’s methods are against rehearsals, other than blocking for camera, and I have another main actor who’s schedule is jam packed right up to our shoot dates. The cast is 99% in place. I’ve decided to break them down into groups and rehearse in sets of 2 to 4. This seems much more doable.
I also still have to cast the role of Thomas. It’s down to two actors. I’m seeing them today. One I’ve worked with before. The other is new.

Intended Agenda

11am – Claudia Perea (Ariel), Robert Bravo (my actual producer) and Curtis Mega (Potential Thomas) arrive. I’ll use this time to audition Curtis and rehearse for the 1st time with Claudia. While I am aware of her past work, I’ve never actually directed her before. This will be our 1st actor/director interaction.

12pm The 2nd actor for Thomas is supposed to arrive between noon and 1. He has church till noon. So I’ll spend a little time talking character and costume with Claudia and some general production talk with Robert.

1pm Rehearsal/audition for Thomas. I’ve worked with this actor before, so I expect this to take less time. 130 should do us.

130 pm detailed production meeting with Robert Bravo. We have a ton of stuff to go over.

1. Breakdown for Big Bear shoot. I have it done, but have not went over it with him yet. We’ll also go over my shot list and actually storyboard some of the setups. (Robert is also an artist-a very talented cat)
2. Go back over our Budget for the Big bear shoot. Now that the breakdown, cast and shot lists are set. We can get a little more specific and make sure that everything is covered.
3. Discuss a few casting issues. (can’t really talk about this yet in public)
4. Discuss and set follow-up Malibu shooting dates. September is fast approaching and we need to give everyone ample time to clear their schedules.
5. Discuss further funding options with Robert. While our initial budget is in place. We are discussing seeking further funds to expand the scope of our movie.

Actual Agenda (what really happened)

1. 11 am read with Curtis and Claudia. Went really well.
2. 12 – 1 Went over general production stuff while waiting for other actor. Actor couldn’t make. Talked wardrobe and stuff with Claudia.
3. 1-3 went over entire big bear breakdown. Finalized number of cast and crew staying overnight.
4. 3-430 watched Wrong Turn 2. Cruz I like it. And it’s a good example of a horror flick shot in the woods completely in broad daylight. It works and is still suspenseful.

We never got to scheduling the Malibu days. We’re going to save that for our next meet. We did talk about further funding options. We’re pretty confident we can pull off the movie at our original budget, but a little more wouldn’t hurt.

We ended the meeting going over some planned FX gags and planned a day trip to Big Bear for a final location scout. That’ll be fun.


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