Saturday, July 3, 2010

movie's within movies

Ok. So we finished up the first bit of production on Monsters in the Woods. Now normally as soon as I start getting things in the can, I like to start putting together teaser scenes and trailers to post on the web and share with press. It's something I've always done. However, on Monsters we've chosen to shoot the movie within a movie 1st and I don't feel comfortable posting any of it for a few reasons.

1. It involves nudity. A lot of nudity. Pretty much the whole thing features a
naked girl, covered in blood. Not exactly web friendly stuff.
2. It's tone and style is not indicative of the rest of the movie.
For reasons that will become clear when watching...It's bad. It's intentionally
And I'd hate for peoples first reaction to the real movie to "this sucks!" When
in actuality, it's supposed to suck.

So I'm holding off. No teasers or footage until the main shoot in August. But I'm itching to share some stuff, because I know this one is going to be special.


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