Thursday, July 1, 2010

Post Production woes

Post-Production woes.

Ok. So I went about 10k into debt four years ago on an editing system that a few short years later is completely obsolete. I purchased the last Power-Mac G5 that was made before the Intel versions came out. Some would say, buyer beware, you should have researched it better. Yeah, that’s true screw me, I didn’t.

Now I’m trying to edit a feature shot on a new JVC HD cam that shoots on a codec that is unreadable by my dinosaur of a computer. I’ve spend a few days trying to find a workaround and am in the midst of a last ditch effort, but if that fails, I’ll either have to turn over post on the entire feature to another editor, which we really can’t afford. One of the main things that as allowed me to make so many features is my automony. I’m able to shoot and handle post almost completely on my own. It gives me the ability to shoot movies very cheap. The other option is to convert the existing footage (a time and hardrive space consuming task for which I’ll still have to count on another editor) and then we’d most likely have find a different camera for the rest of the shoot that is compatible with my geriatric computer.

Oh, oh….the workaround worked. The footage is playing on my system.
Problem solved.


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