Tuesday, August 10, 2010

3 Weeks and Counting or Bye-Bye Personal Life or What I did this Week.

This week’s incredibly exciting agenda complete with play by play for everything up to Tuesday, because that's today and these things already happened. Woah!

1. Set agenda for Tuesday’s production meeting. (meeting didn’t happen as planned. We had to squeeze it in between the lovely auditioning actresses.)
2. Pre-pare for auditions. Go over sides. Go over submissions.
3. Send last minute invites to late signing up actresses.
4. Work on script rewrites.
5. Print “special” scripts for stars. (their parts only.)
6. Print new director’s script. Mine is 4 versions old.

1. Auditions at 10 am. (Some of the best 1st reads I’ve ever had. Plus, I’ve been a part of several casting calls, but have never seen more beautiful women in one place. Good for me.)
2. Deliberate over auditions. (this is a tough one. Not only were all the girls lovely, most of them were rock-em-sock-em honest to god real actors. Aces! It’s really going to come down to personality. Final interviews are next week.

1. Lock cast/crew logistics for Big Bear. (who’s getting there with who and where they’ll stay.)
2. Lock script. It’s good. Time to leave it alone.
3. Go over props and set design with my set designing prop master/actor Blaine Cade. Hey, he’s a total renaissance man!

1. Create shot list for Big Bear.
2. Host an “Over the Top” movie viewing party/arm-wrestling tournament. (It’s not as gay as it sounds.)

1. Continue shot list work.
2. Take a little break; maybe work on the shot list at the beach.

1. Cry in my pillow. (Hey, production work is lonely work and it’s a been a hard month.)

1. Production Meeting with Bravo.


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