Thursday, August 5, 2010

Troubles in the Woods? Nah...

“Independent filmmaking is not for pussies.” William H. Macy on the set of Edmond.

Crazy week.

We went from the excited pre-production "we're making a rocking-sweet movie" to the abysmal “sad, we’re going to have to scrap production” to the "everything’s aces again."

We had a little funding scare when our enigmatic, middle investor pulled out this week to the tune of almost 5 thousand dollars. Those of you who’ve worked on productions such as this know that’s no small amount.

With less than 24 hrs to go until a large chunk of this money needed to be spent, we were stressed to say the least. But luckily we found a last minute replacement investor who’s ponied up almost all of the missing cash and we’ve been able to talk the others into making up the difference. So, long story short, the movies still on.
Everything is good.

Also went through a bit of personal strife this week. (I actually wrote it down, but then read it and realized how truly silly it all is and it all worked out for the better anyway, so I won’t bore my 4 readers with the details. I only say this... I may be white, but I'm hella pretty)

I’ve scheduled auditions for the "hard to cast" role of Ashley. Because of the difficult nature of some of the later Malibu shoot dates (it’s a difficult hike) I’ve tired to cast the role from my regular pool of actresses, but for differing reasons, no one excepted the role. I’m actually a little baffled by it. Sure there is sexuality involved, but no nudity. It’s a complex, non-cookie cutter part with an arc that’s both challenging and unexpected. Eh.. we have over 200 submissions for the auditions, I know we’ll find someone good.

So onto daily business, all to be wrapped up before noon…

1. rewrite script to adjust for an actress that can’t make the big bear shoot.
2. Finish sides for Ashley audition
3. Book audition space
4. Pick under 30 actresses to audition from the 200 plus submissions

I’ll go into a little more detail on the script rewrite in my next blog on writing…
So you got that to look forward to.


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