Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dreams of an Insomniac - A Promising Film in the Works

Artison Films lead by the directing duo that is the Fairbrook Bros. is embarking on their first feature length film, Dreams of an Insomniac. They are raising funding for the film via Kickstarter, so check out their Kickstarter page and their website Artison Magazine for more details.

Dreams of an Insomniac will be a compilation of 6 short stories. These stories overlap through the thoughts, actions, and eyes of the main character. They are to be shot to mimic dreams, meaning some sequences would be shot in first person and some third. The main character, Dante, has elements of his past that continue to haunt him. He has been so disturbed by his past recently that he can’t sleep; as a result he has waking nightmares, delusions and perceived schizophrenia. The further removed from reality he becomes, the more he is unable to discern his subconscious from reality. In the end he must decode it all in order to move forward or forever be trapped in his dreams.

Below is a Vignette created for the Kickstarter campaign called Free – A Dreams of an Insomniac Vignette. It focuses on Jane, one of the main characters of the story and one of Dante’s “past” love interest.

The full details for the movie are available on their Kickstarter page along with a trailer for the first short, City of Lost Dreams.


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