Saturday, September 25, 2010

Monsters in the Woods moves towards a Bloody Finish.

Only 3 more major shoot days left. We just finished a week run up in Big Bear, which included most of the cast and all of our full suited monsters and fx. It was rough shoot, but yielded the best work of the production so far.

A few highlights and thanks.

1. Ashton Blanchard, faceless… Most likely the coolest scene I’ve ever shot involved her faceless and a gun. I know she didn’t want things to end the way they did, but it was SOO COOL! (so sorry for the trouble getting it off, but it looked awesome. You’re the best)
2. Annemarie P. What’s there to say? That gal can run and scream almost as good as she looks.
3. Edward Hendershott… Blowin shit up. You’re the shit.
4. Gladys Otero… The cutest blood soaked gal in cinema history. Great shot with axe and great chemistry with Eddie. That last scene with you and Paul was priceless.
5. Paul Misko… We took a secondary character from the script and created a full-fledged member of the ensemble. I see bright things in your future.
6. 1313 FX…just freakin rocked it. Great monsters, great blood gags. 1st run work on a micro budget. Thanks guys.
7. Blaine Cade…thanks for not sucking.
8. Richie Radd…for taking a major hit.
9. Linda Bella…beautiful, talented girl.
10. John Mcgill…everyone’s favorite.
11. Ben Adams…Damn, I’ve had two features in a row with great sound mixers. Thanks.

I’m writing this in a hurry so I can get into editing and prep for our final couple of days of shooting, so sorry for any exclusion.

1st day of shooing was slow. We got started late. We attempted to have everyone meet out in Big Bear for a 10am call, instead of staying overnight. The accommodations are expensive and we thought it would save money. Well, a few folks were late. We had trouble getting started and lost a half-day of production. The cost of the lost time outweighed the cost of an overnight stay. Moral of the story…if you’re an indie production and have to do a location shoot involving more than an hour of travel, spring for the overnight accommodations the night before. If you’re cast and crew is over 15 people, someone key will be late, you will get started late and you will lose half a day. (In most cases)
But, even after starting late, we got most of the way through the major sequences we needed to.

2nd Day.
Longest, biggest shoot day I’ve ever directed. We caught up everything lost on the 1st day and got everything scheduled. I can’t complain. It was great.
3rd. Day… Easiest by far. A couple minor dialog scenes and then spend the whole day killing Monsters and watching their blood fly. Fun!


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