Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Weekend in the Life of a Rockstar Director

It’s Saturday. I’m up at 7am for a hearty breakfast to face the long day. 1st up I have to head out to Loma, Linda California, or Linda Loma, whatever. I’m working on an HD shoot using the Cannon 7D, which is the camera I’ve chosen to shoot the 2nd and 3rd acts of Monsters in the Woods. The owner of the camera we are using offered to give me a hands on tutorial on set. I start using the camera for Monsters on Monday. The shoot runs from 1pm to dark. Then upon our return to LA I’m supposed to dump the footage and convert it for editing.

In the midst of all this I also need to check in on our cave set construction and organize more work on it. Apparently, I’m the only one able to make phone calls. It seems we hit a few snags in building the cave, but all seems to be well now. It’s just a race against time to complete it in time for shooting. I also need to check in with our creature fx department and make arrangements for our monster performer to get out there to be fit for the suit. Our monster as designed by Tom Devlin’s 1313 FX will no doubt be badass, however we are on a budget and this can limit the functionality of the creatures. So plans need to be made to shoot around any limitations. Usually it’s not that big a deal, we just have to plan certain shot out of order or at the end of the shoot in order to damage the expensive suits to make wounds. I also have to follow up with a potential investor to beef up our production funds. While the funds to finish the movie already exist, an extra few days of shooting can only help to increase our production value. Lastly, right before bed, I need to go back over my shot list and intended schedule.

Just starting my Sunday, but it’s even busier than Saturday. No time to blog.


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