Monday, October 25, 2010

10 Movies that Changed my Life

Not a terribly original or interesting idea for a blog, but what the hell.
The movies below aren't my all time favorites, but some are. They just all had profound effects on my development as a person and moviemaker.

This is list is all movies I saw as a child, from age 6 – 22. Yeah, 22’s a little old for childhood, but I was a late bloomer and really wanted to include Reservoir dogs and the killer, which I saw around the age 22. Most of the titles I saw before the age of 16.

1. The World According to Garp.

Saw this at when I was very young. It’s the 1st straight drama I remember really liking. At an early age, I discovered that a good movie didn’t have to have action, blood or monsters, and that simple human drama could be just as powerful.

2. Aliens

Simply one of the most thrilling movie going experiences I’ve EVER had. I absolutely love this movie. I often site it has one of my all time favorites, now and then. I saw it 12 times in the theater. And even more on VHS and then DVD.

3. Evil Dead 2

The 1st “low budget” movie I that I really dug. I was very young, and didn’t really understand why this “very cheap looking movie” affected and stuck with me. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it and took great pleasure introducing friends to it.

4. Star Wars

My introduction to sequels and sagas. Blew me away. Enough said.

5. Indiana Jones

Yeah, they’re great.

6. The Exorcist

I’m sure I saw other horror flicks 1st. Friday the 13th springs to mind. But this was the 1st movie that actually scared me, other than a few jump scares in others. I saw it at age 10 and it stuck with me. Funny watching now, it plays more as a family drama than horror. But it’s still great.

7. Brainsmasher: A Love Story

Love this movie. Saw it as a teenager. Great tongue and cheek humor and Andrew Dice Clay at his finest (well…maybe Ford Fairlane beats it) A truly underrated gem from a really cool indie director.

8. The Killer

John Woo was awesome before he came to American and this has a lot of his best moments. This movie hit me hard. It’s ultra-violent and lovely all at the same time.

9. Southern Comfort

Truly a man’s man movie. Walter Hill at his finest, with a great ensemble cast. Keith Caradine, Powers Boothe, Fred Ward all at the top of their games. An ugly, violent and great movie.

10. Reservoir Dogs

I’ve talked in-depth about this before. It truly opened me up to independent and foreign cinema and started me on my path as a moviemaker.


  1. Why is Hardware Wars not on this list? Come on, it even featured "the clam" at the showing!