Saturday, October 30, 2010

5 Movies I Detest

I have crazy broad tastes in movies. I love movies. I love all kinds. Drama, action, horror, Indies, chick flicks, docs, sci fi, ect…However, every once in awhile a flick comes along that I just…well, detest.

I was originally going to list 10, but just couldn’t come up with any.
Guess I’ll have to do another list titled, Movies that I felt were “a’right.”

1. Fight Club
Ok, I should qualify this. I don’t actually detest the movie itself. It’s actually a really well made flick. But it’s fans, oh the fans!, This one of the movies where overzealous douche bag fans have ruined it for me. Inception is another. I was having a discussion with one such moron in the not too distant past regarding the fact that I had not been in a fight in my adult life. A self professed fan of Fight Club (the movie of course, I doubt seriously he reads at all), this dolt, with a straight face, proceeds to ask me “How do you truly know yourself if you’ve never been in a fight.” He says it like it’s a profound question, and worse yet he really believes it to be.

2. Playing God
This obscure little action gem died a quick death in theaters in the 97.
The X-Files was big and this picture was an attempt at a quick cash in on Duchovny and the taranitoesque action flicks that were in vogue at the time. I remember the trailer being kinda cool, but the movie drove me out of the theater. It was so long ago, I don’t even remember when exactly I gave up, but it was the 2nd movie I ever walked out of.
* it featured a hilliariously homoerotic turn by Timothy Hutton as the one the least imposing heavies in cinema history. I totally forgot Angelina Jolie was in it.

3. Candyman 2
It was the 1st movie I ever walked out of. I don’t even remember anything about it, other than it was set in New Orleans and it sucked.

4. Jackass
Moral quandaries aside, it really irks me that this inane shit raked in 50 million dollars over the weekend, when there were a ton of good Indies out there struggling for any attention.

5. Terminator Salvation
I wanted to like it. I really gave it the college try. I couldn’t even make it to the Arnold cameo. Freakin awful. 


  1. can't believe I left out Highlander 2

    It was actually the 1st movie I walked out of.
    The original is still one of my favorite movies. Great mythology, tone and action. Then the 2nd one came along and wrecked it all. Aliens!? For real?!? I still can't believe it.
    The subsequent sequels were awful too, But the 2nd one really set the bar for suck. Thank god the TV show redeemed the franchise.