Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cutting Monsters: Week 1

Editing Week 1

So once a week I'm going to throw up an editing update on Monsters in the Woods. It'll be mostly pretty dry and technical, but there maybe a few fun bits here and there, so stick with me.

1. Every bit of footage has now been logged. There are 532 Full Rez clips shot on the cannon 7D at 1080p. Then there are another 171 clips shot on the JVC HMU shot at 720p
(for those that don't know. The 1st act of the movie shot from the 1st person perspective of a behind the scenes camera operator. Hence the different frame sizes and camera's.)
(I'm still unsure whether I'm going to mix formats or blow up the 720. For now, I'm going to cut each format separately and decide later)

2. After much deliberation I've decided to cut in standard def or SD. I don't want to risk the strain on my cpu and harddrives of editing a full HD feature over the course of several months. Sure it will require a couple of extra steps. But we really don't have the budget to replace any burnt out harddrives or cpu repair. After the cut is locked, I plan to take the SD clips offline and transcode the clips into PRO RES HQ, then reconnect. Of course I'll have to then modify sequence settings and whatnot as well, but it's not that big a deal. I've already tested the method on half a dozen edited clips.
Half the movie has already been transcoded to DV. I'll start the 2nd half tonight before work. I'll be ready to start audio syncing and cutting after shooting on Thursday. For the trailer, I'll just sync the footage we're using. But after that, we're going to have to sync the rest of the footage before starting the actual edit.

3. Met with my new assistant editor, a really nice fellow. Starting this weekend, he's going to start going through footage to pull any usable bits of Behind the Scenes footage from our actual footage or start pulling and syncing trailer footage. I guess we'll see.
4. Before Monday I hope to have all the footage for the trailer picked and synced. Before next Friday, I hope to have a trailer.

That's the plan for now, updates as they are warranted.


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