Thursday, October 28, 2010

Meet the Chicks of Monsters in the Woods

What would a horror movie set in the woods be without its chicks?

Linda Bella as Ashley

Manic Depressive struggling actress. Long and lovely, she likes classical music and  walks on the beach. Her boyfriend, Burt, is playing a major role in Monsters in the Woods and has landed her a role as well. She’s smart, gorgeous and just a little off.

Claudia Perea as Ariel

Workaholic and has a very unusual occupation. She struggles not to show emotion and is hiding a relationship with a co-worker. Bold and beautiful, she likes Boggle and double barrel shotguns.

Script Girl

Ashton Blanchard as The Script Girl

Damned if I can remember her name. She’s a spitfire. Hot and hot tempered, not to be trifled with. More than a little rock and roll, she likes horizontal stripes and classic rock.
*Also a very offensive driver.

Maria, the Make-up Girl

An odd duck. Pretty and ..pretty. Her parents own the land on which the movie is shooting. She has a dark past and likes to scream and run.

Bianca, Kris’ girlfriend.
Gladys Otero as Bianca

Girlfriend of the star of the movie. Doesn’t speak English. Very darn cute, likes her boyfriend, tacos, fruit sharks and swimming. But there maybe more there than meets the eye.

For real though, anyone familiar with my previous movies or writing knows that I have a predilection for  strong and complex female characters. I play no favorites in regards to gender or race, Anyone can can be every bit as mean, nice, nasty, heroic or evil as anyone else.  This bunch of broads is no exception.


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