Sunday, November 28, 2010

Back to the Woods

“Its common practice for both studio and independent films to go back and shoot additional scenes after a production wraps. We just felt that the additional scenes would strengthen the narrative.”
- Bravo Roberts “Monsters in the Woods”

So, week after next, we’re putting the band back together to shoot some additional footage in order to strengthen our narrative. Another in a long string of “life imitates art” instances on Monsters in the Woods.

As I watched the rough cut it became apparent that, while good in and of themselves, the 1st act scenes when stacked together felt a little too episodic. Too much of the narrative was happening off screen. It was making the scenes feel a little random. So I’m writing a few new scenes to give the 1st act a little more narrative cohesion and dramatic tension. Also there were a few missed character opportunities that I want to explore further. Then as long as we’re at it, a few pick up shots here and there for the 3rd act couldn’t hurt. A missed arterial spray here. A severed arm there. Whatever, no big whup.


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