Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cutting Monsters: Week 5

The time has finally come, editing on the actual movie. It’s moving much faster than I had anticipated. During the 1st day (only a few hours of editing before I had to go to work) I laid out the entire before credit sequence, which in rough-cut form is clocking in around 15 minutes (Ouch! Gotta trim that down).

I really thought it was going to take longer to put the sequence together. Next to the massacre climax, it’s the most complicated stuff in the movie, coverage wise. However, it took a matter of minutes to sort through the best takes and through them down.

It will take some time to smooth the sequence out though. It features footage from 2 behind the scenes cameras (shot with the same cam, but I have to differentiate the cams looks so it is clear that they are different cams with different operators). Also I’ve decided to intercut some “faux” movie footage into the scene, which can also be tricky.

I expect to have the 1st 30 minutes or 1st act of the movie in rough form by the end of the weekend. I expect this “found footage” section to be a lot easier to layout than the rest of the movie, but I think it will be harder to smooth out, due to the viewfinder overlays, transitions and camera operators’ voice-overs.

Shit, I still need to cast a female voice for the 2nd Camera operator. I’ll do that this week.


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