Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cutting Monsters: Week 8

Rough-cut is done and was viewed by the producers yesterday. The screening went well. Everyone is very happy with where the movie is. Once sound, music and fx are added, we all feel that we’ve created something cool. Personally, I can say without a doubt, that it’s my best work so far, but it’s not quite done yet.

So now it’s the beginning of the end. After taking the holiday off, I’ll do one more viewing of the cut (solo) to make final tech notes. Then I’ll spend one week polishing/locking the cut. I’ll be going for a locked cut and will start adding sound design. When I send the movie out I want at least the rudimentary Foley and hard sound FX work to be done. Once I send it off it be scored, I’ll work simultaneously on the actual final sound design and mix minus the score.

We’ve also decided to shoot a few small scenes to add it the 1st act in order to strengthen the dramatic tension and momentum. There are also a few small insert shots here and there to get for the 2nd and 3rd acts as well. We’ll tackle all of that in a single day of pickups, in Malibu, the week after next. So the cut should be about locked as we’re finishing pick ups. I’ll quickly insert the new material, no more than a days work and then send off the locked cut for scoring and VFX (visual fx work)

Starting Monday, I’m going to start reaching out to potential composers; our vfx guy is already locked.

The final should be cut and locked before the end of December with the final composed and mixed version done by mid January.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.