Friday, November 5, 2010

Director of the Week – Albert Pyun

I 1st became aware of Albert Pyun after watching Nemesis (pretty much the closest thing to a pure 90 minute action scene ever.) Sure it wasn’t terribly original; part Terminator, part Mad Max, part Robocop, but it had and energy and style all it’s own. Although it was done on an extremely meager budget, Pyun stretched it as far as anyone could. After that I went back over his filmography and realized he had directed a bunch of really cool little genre movies like the infamous Sword and the Sorcerer (starring ‘Matt Huston’ himself Lee Horsley), Radioactive Dreams, Cyborg (yeah the Van Damme) and Dollman (Tim Thomerson is damn cool).

Right after Nemesis he directed Brainsmasher: A Love Story with Andrew Dice Clay and Teri Hatcher. I think it’s his finest piece of work. Since Brainsmasher in 92, he’s directed about 2 movies a year, including Mean Guns with Christopher Lambert and Ice T (it’s almost as cool as Brainsmaser). His work in between ranges from decent to awful. He’s not the world’s best moviemaker, but he continuous to work and his movies, while not always successful, take creative risks. He is my very definition of a successful moviemaker.

* Abelar: Tales of an Ancient Empire a sequel to The Sword and The Sorcerer is in post production almost 30 years after the original. (ok I guess it's technically a "pseudo-sequel" Whatever that means)


  1. Hi Jason,

    Thanks for the attention! Even after many years, its really appreciated. I enjoyed the Monster In the Woods trailer. Think it could be a very cool movie. Just keep on truckin' and never give up! Thanks! Enjoy your blog as well.

    Albert Pyun
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  2. Thanks a lot! That comment totally made my day.