Sunday, November 7, 2010

Double Feature – Saw 3D and Due Date (yeah, weird mix)

Had a good night at the movies, preceded by an awesome Uptown Mac and Cheese and Humus at Granville.

Definitely apples and oranges, but I enjoyed both equally for very different reasons.

Saw 3D

1. Actual suspense. The traps weren’t overly gory and the scenes were actually tense.
2. Young Indiana Jones. A welcome addition to the franchise. (Apparently recovered from the puffy face inducing malady he suffered while shooting Boondock Saints 2)
3. Decent wrap up to the mythos.
4. No overused Jigsaw flashbacks.
5. The IA detectives overuse of the word “crazy.”


1. Very little Jigsaw. He was almost not in the movie at all.

What can I say? Some of the entries have been down right terrible, but overall I like this franchise. It’s been mentioned before in various places, but Saw has paid more attention to it’s own mythos and structure than any other horror franchise in history. Over the course of the series it’s folded back on itself like a Tarantino movie without making any huge plot holes. While I’m not a big fan of the “torture” segments, I do get a kick out of the narrative.

Due Date

1. The cast. Awesome chemistry and banter between the leads.
2. A kid getting gut punched.
3. Masturbating Dog
4. Car wreck.

1. Not much of a plot, but who cares.

Great fun. Most likely the best comedy I’ve seen this year.


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