Monday, November 1, 2010

Kevin Smith's Red-statement

I'm not the world's biggest Kevin Smith fan, but I have to admit my interest in Red State has been peeked. I  even more respect the work ethic...

He said this on his blog Halloween night.
"We finished shooting late Wednesday night, but I’ve been cutting the flick every free moment over the 25 days of production. So at our wrap party last night (for the flick we wrapped 2 days ago, mind you) we also watched the flick we just completed. And I’m not talking about some bullshit assembly, either: this puppy is fine-cut, complete with credits and some pre-mixing: 92 mins without credits, 98 mins with a end credit sequence that’s not to be believed."

Color me impressed. Here I am four weeks into post and have only cut a few trailers. I've barely scratched the surface of my edit.

*although I'm curious to see the kind of set where a director has "free time" and enough free time to edit at that.

He also released a teaser poster.

Plus it stars John Goodman. 


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