Monday, November 29, 2010

Monsters in the Woods Interviews_Paul Misko

I was pretty much going to cast Paul Misko in the role of Kris because he looked the part and was dating the actress playing Bianca. It just seemed like an easy fit. Then I met and auditioned him.  He seemed to really get the character and the humor inherent in the script.

I can't express how happy I am that I did cast him. I even expanded the role after our inital couple of days of shooting. Not only is Paul super talented. His enthusiasm and work ethic are inspiring. I expect big things outta him in the future.
Paul Misko as Kris

1.Tell me who you are and what you are doing here.

   My name is Paul Misko. I played the role of Kris, and I have no idea what the hell I am doing. 

2.Monsters in the Woods in the Woods is our 1st feature together. How wonderful was it for you to work with me?

   It was great to work with you, sir. This was my first feature as an actor, and it was a great experience. All of the cast and crew were amazing and I felt really comfortable working with you and everyone. Probably not the experience most people have on their first features with some of the stories I have heard. Haha.

3. You started out in music. Why the transition to acting?

    I have been playing music and in bands since I was 13 years old. I had some success in two of the bands, and I got to tour and do a lot of things I never would have dreamed possible. When we broke up in 2008, I decided to try something different and film and television definitely interested me. I love to be part of a creative process and acting in a lot of ways is similar to writing music. Everything has to flow naturally and timing and rhythm are very important. Being on set reminds me of tour a lot. You show up early, eat food, and wait.

4.What’s your acting method?

   I have next to no acting training. I think I have a natural inclination to it. I am far from an amazing actor and need to hone my skills of course, but I guess that what I'm saying is that I get it. It feels natural and makes sense to me, so I enjoy it a lot. It's always a challenge and I love working with people to bring a story to life in the best way possible.

5. You played opposite your real life love interest in Monsters in the Woods. How was that?

        It was great! Obviously, it makes it easy to have chemistry on screen, and it made it really convenient to rehearse. Also, the overall experience was amazing because it was like we got to go on a vacation together and really enjoy the scenery up in Big Bear. Neither of us had been up there before so it made everything really exciting for the whole trip!

6. What was the most challenging aspect of shooting Monsters in the Woods.
        Probably sitting in the hot tubs at the cabins drinking at night. That was extremely agonizing. ;) 

7. How would describe my hair?

       How would you describe MY hair?! 

   *sorry, we're were looking for luxurious. We'd have also accepted stunning.

8. You've recently moved into producing. Can you tell me a bit about that?

       I have been working on a tv pilot this year that I wrote called "Classy". I am directing it and acting in it as well. It is my first project as a director, and I think I enjoy it even more than acting so I will definitely be continuing down that road in the future. We are actually shooting our last scenes tomorrow for it so I am really excited! I will keep you posted on it's progress!

9. Which cast member would you pick to play opposite you in a buddy cop movie directed by David Lynch?

   Alonzo! We would make a great team! He's an awesome actor and a great dude! 

10. What are you working on next?

    Once I finish Classy, I will be hopefully continuing episodes as I pitch it to networks. I am always trying to get work as an actor as well to get as much experience as possible, but I have nothing lined up currently. I think you should direct a buddy cop movie so that can be what I am working on next! ;) haha.


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