Friday, November 5, 2010

My New Favorite Netflix Review of Edges of Darkness

"Film Grrrl screened the execrable Darkness because FG has friend in it. Golly, the terrible things young actresses do to try to add to their CV and get some exposure! (Baby, please stop crying... Film Grrrl is here and she understands.) With feeble technicals, no plot and piteous acting, Darkness must go down as one of the most truly dreadful flicks ever -- horror or otherwise. Part of the make it cheap and fast, and hope for a Miracle on DVD school of cinema, Darkness is actually an insult to its cast -- not just its viewers. In the end, Film Grrrl was cheering for the zombies, who at least know how to shut up."

By the by, out of 30,000 plus rating. EOD is currently sporting a 1.9 on Netflix.


  1. Hi Jason - this reviewer is just terrible as a reviewer. You'll just have to develop thick skin and try to take criticism as a point of view you can learn from (but not this review which is worthless). I don't envy the time peroid ou are beginning your career as its incredibly mean spirited now. So learn what you can and use it to improve next time. The important thing is unlike so many wannabes, you got your movie made and to market. The reviews just show its entered into the world. That's a real achievement. Congratulations and keep moving forward, chastened a bit but undeterred. I thought your actors in the Monsters trailer were incredibly brave and committed.

    Albert Pyun
    Albert Pyun Movies / facebook