Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Saturday in the Life of A Low Budget Movie Maker

*It's supposed to be my day off. From both the day job and Monsters in the Woods.

7am- 830 am -

I don’t pass go. Straight to editing. Robert Rodriguez once said that he started writing the second he awoke, that he did his best creative work in that “not quite awake” state. I think the same holds for editing too.

I got through the 1st section of the massacre scene in Monster in the Woods.

830am – 9am –
Mess around on the interweb for a bit.

9am – 10am –
Make final adjustments on a furniture commercial I’m editing. I thought I was done, but it turns out the website text was out of title safe. Stupid mistake. My head just wasn’t in this one. I’m too wrapped up in Monsters. I won’t take anymore outside jobs till it’s finished.

1030 – 1130
Solo brunch at Granville. Just not feeling like any company this weekend. After production ends on one of my movies I usually go through what I can best describe as post-partum depression. I’ve just spent several months in production, living off adrenaline and stress. 2 months where nothing else matters. All the mundane daily life stuff is gone. Then productions ends and it all crashes down at once; Bills, money, relationships ect… I just feel overwhelmed. It usually takes a few weeks to a month to recover.... Whoa, that was a little too “dear diary” wasn’t it?

1130 – 1
Not quite ready to plunge back into the edit. I go see Skyline. I had heard it was a camp classic in the making and I had to see for myself.
Wow! Wow! All I have to say is Wow! It must be seen to be believed. Horrible/great movie with one of the all time worst/best endings in cinema history. A must see.

130pm – 3
Back to editing. Still working on that pesky massacre.

3pm – 4pm
Stuck in the massacre. Need to clear my head. Catch up on Sons of Anarchy. This show is getting very good.

4pm – 530
Work out and shower

530 – 6
Prepare dinner and eat. Hamburger helper. Yeah, lame, I know. Just lazy today.

6pm- 8
Back to editing. Massacre is coming together.

Watch Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on Netflix Instant View.
Good movie. Really like the lead girl. The movie reminded me a bit of a Chinatown era Polanski flick.

1030 - ?

Fun time. But not too much fun. Gotta get up at 8am and finish up the massacre and a few scenes after before work.


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