Saturday, December 11, 2010

10 Things I learnt Making Monsters in the Woods

  1. Monsters aren’t the most important thing. We ended with some awesome looking creatures courtesy of 1313 FX, however awesome looking creatures mean fuck-all if folks don’t care for the story and/or characters. Luckily the story was good and we had a capable cast. I do feel all of the major characters were well developed, but there were a few minor characters that were 2 dimensional at best. The cast playing these characters elevated them. They took what was on the page and created something greater.
  2. Even at the Micro-budget level artistic compromises have to be made. 
  3. A little blood does not go a long way. What seems like a fuck-ton of blood on set shows up less on camera.
  4. Ashton Blanchard has sensitive skin. I put her in the face rip mask with no concerns. Turns out her skin is very sensitive and she spent the entire time in pain, especially when the mask was applied and removed. To her credit she never once complained.
  5. Chocolate syrup blood looks great on people. But is painful when it dries in certain orifices. (I’ll let your imagination do the work)
  6. Saran-wrapping the camera is a great way to protect it from gloppy blood, but it makes it next to impossible to monitor from the camera’s viewfinder.
  7. Blaine Cade can act.
  8. Shooting in Big Bear promotes weight loss. I lost 12 LBS. (I’m back to my fighting weight now.)
  9. A little money can go a long way, but a micro-budget feature is still a micro-budget feature. I think our little movie looks pretty groovy, but nobody’s gonna mistake it for Tom Cruise’s latest. Maybe Tom Wopat’s.
  10. Supposed “easy days" are the ones that kill you.
  11. I’m lucky charms lucky to know the people I do. A movie is not made by one man alone. I’d have nothing without my friends, cast, crew and producers. 


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