Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010: It Was A Good Year…for movies.

I just walked out of what can only described as a great movie (True Grit ((maybe in my top 3 Cohen Bros. Movies of all time))). It’s not the 1st time this as happened this year either. It’s a little too early to say for sure, but 2010 may see three movies crack my all time top ten. ***I don’t really have an all time top ten, but I wanted to make it clear just how good I thought these flicks were.

The Social Network-
Just lovely. I love Aaron Sorkin’s dialog and seeing it come to life through the exacting eye of David Fincher is a cinematic wet dream. Great performances all around.

Black Swan-
Damn! What a ballsy movie. This is one of the those rare movies that excites me equally as a moviegoer and a moviemaker. This is truly an exciting flick.

True Grit-
How do you out icon John Wayne? Well Jeff Bridges did it. Wow!

2010 also saw some brilliant levels of bad…Skyline anyone?

The Social Network, Black Swan, and True Grit are all proof positive, that Hollywood can still push out exciting, thought provoking work and still make cash.


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