Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cutting Monsters: Week 10

Seems just like yesterday we were shooting. Oh, right, I guess we were.
Well, Monday brought our reshoots to a close. I’ve picked up every shot that I could and have already cut in all the new material.

The changes to the 1st act are substantial. In addition to 3 new minor scenes, I have also restructured many of the existing scenes in order to give some narrative focus to what seemed kind of episodic and random. Upon reviewing the new 1st act a few times, I’d say that I succeeded. The new 1st act gave more dramatic momentum and helped pull together some loose character bits.

Over the next few days I’ll finish the cut and start working of the dialog cutting. I expect this to take through the weekend. Then sometime early next week I’ll set up another viewing with the producers before locking the cut for our (yet to be found) composer.


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