Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cutting Monsters: Week 9

Gearing up for some pick up shots. I spent most of the week scouring both the rough-cut and raw footage making note of every possible pick up we can get with the location, cast and crew still available. I will be able to paste in a few crucial pieces in order to make the movie a little better. The main pieces missing are from the 1st section of the massacre. We shot it in 3 different locations over the course of 4 weeks. I missed a few pieces of coverage at the outset. I’m also reshooting a scene or two in order to cut down on some overused profanity (mostly from improv).

I’ll also get a little more screen. At least my hand will as I hand double for Ashton, while Linda or Annemarie double for Claudia for a small insert shot.

I’ve started to separate the audio tracks for sound mixing. I’ll continue this after the cut is locked (in aprox. 2 weeks). I’ve recorded all my cameraman vo’s and will catch Blaine, Linda and Eddie’s ADR on set.

After reshoots, I’ll have one more week to lock the cut. I’ll spend the rest of this week prior to reshoots smoothing out everything else. I'll most likely do an initial color correction pass and dvd export viewing. Then after plugging in the new footage will spend another week on it. Then it’s on to sound and score.

Good luck everybody else.


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