Monday, December 27, 2010

It's a Lot More Fun to See a Movie When It's Free!

If there is one thing I love, it’s getting movie tickets for Christmas. I can go see any movie I want, and not worry about the $12 (or more) to get in, freeing me up to see any number of movies. The good, the bad, and the so bad-they-are-good ones are all up for viewing. (So far, there have been no bad ones, thankfully.) So, for those of you got me some movie tickets, here is how I have spent your gift.

~Burlesque: This one definitely goes in the “so bad it’s good category.” Predictable story lines, mediocre acting, and basic music belted out by a girl with an amazing voice. However, with lines like “The only Pole you’ll find in here is the one serving you drinks” and “If you fall off the stage, legs up, boobs out,” how can this NOT be awesome?! Plus, you have one of the most talented voices (Christina Aguilera) paired with The Diva herself, Cher. I won’t lie, the scene where Cher puts on Christina’s makeup was a bit like a passing of the Diva Torch. (In my head, at least.) Plus, the friendship between Cher and Stanley Tucci was really touching. Lastly, any movie where I have one of the musical numbers stuck in my head for 3 days afterward is good in my book.

~Tangled: THIS WAS FANTASTIC. Seriously. FAN. TAS. TIC. It is definitely the best Disney movie I’ve seen in a long time, and, I don’t know how they do it, but I walked out of there with the warm and fuzzy feeling I used to get as a kid. The characters were all so well done and even the story, while not original, was exactly what a Disney movie should be. Add in the horse who thinks he’s a dog and the dancing thugs, and you have the perfect movie to bring you back to your childhood.

~TRON: Legacy: Ok, I have to admit, I had high hopes going into this one. I probably haven’t seen the original in about 10 years, but I remember it being a really awesome experience. And turns out, this one was totally awesome too! It was really exciting and the effects were so dead on that I barely noticed that Clu wasn’t actually Jeff Bridges. I really liked the costumes and think I’m totally going to be Quorra for Halloween next year. It was the perfect action movie and, even though I hate paying extra for things like Imax and 3D, it was worth it.

I still have several movie tickets to burn, it’s just a matter of what is next….


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