Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Monsters in the Woods Interviews_Blaine Cade

Blaine and have been working together almost 10 years now. We were roommates in New Orleans and then again in Los Angeles. Friends used to refer to us as Hetro-soul mates. I think its a fitting term. I can't see doing a project without him. 

*See what I did there, I brought up our heterosexuality to underline the fact that we're not gay.

As far as his performance as Bravo in Monsters in the Woods, I couldn't be happier. I knew he had the ability to handle the role, but I have to admit I was unsure whether or not he'd pull it off. As far as I'm concerned he did.

Blaine Cade as Bravo Roberts (not based on anyone real)

1.Tell me who you are and what you are doing here.

In this realm of existence I am know as Blaine Cade. For Monsters in the Woods, I am known as Producer Bravo Roberts. A man who tries to fill a hole by digging another one. Behind the scenes, I was the Production designer. 

2.Monsters in the Woods in the Woods was our ? shit, how many movies have we made together?

This will be my ninth movie that Jason Horton and have worked on together. Four of which Jason directed. Do student films count? 

3. This was your biggest acting role to date. How do you feel you did?

Jason and the producers gave me my biggest acting role to date. It was a very ballsy thing to do, and they took a big chance on me. I'm happy they did, it was a lot of fun. I guess from knowing me they knew I could pull it off. The mood on set for me was very stress free, and jason helped to create that atmosphere. 

4.What’s your acting method?

I felt extremely confident that I could create a malicious character with a little bit of hurt on his sleeve. I just treated him as a real person with the worst secrets. I would at any time of the day think. What it would be like to trade in my friends to save my own hide? I thought of a hostage situation. To save myself, I would become friends with the bad guys. Anyone else would become pawns that I could trade for favors. In the end the outcome is the same. The bad guys turn on me anyway. Like in Die Hard.

5. Was this your 1st onscreen kiss? How was it?

In one scene, I kiss Ashley. Playing Ashley was Linda Bella . A very pretty girl. So, it wasn't difficult. It may sound weird, but I thought of it like we were doing a dare. The actual kissing wasn't something I thought about much. I just went with it. I had to, it was in the script. I'm innocent of any wrong doing. Like my character, I did what I had to do.

6. Do you think you'll keep pursuing acting after this?

This was such a great all around experience for me. I learned a lot and I want more. Acting is something I do everyday. It's nice to get to play. I will jump at the chance to do it again. 

7. Describe my singing voice?

I remember a song that you sang once called "Space Pants". It was very wacky. Kind of like Michael J. Fox meets Elvis Costello meets Sammy Davis Jr.

*good answer. Good Answer.

8. You built all the weapons used in Monsters in the Woods. What's your favorite?

As Production Designer, I was given the awesome task of producing make shift weapons. The ones I made were very practical and simple cave man type stuff. They really work. Only the spears were made less dangerous. My favorite weapon was and still is the double barrel sawed-off shot gun. I originally made it for "Edges of Darkness." It just makes me smile.

9. Which cast member would take on a road trip to Cleveland and why?

My fantasy road trip to Cleveland would be with Aston Blanchard. She thinks I'm so funny and mature. Also I think she would pay for everything and she's not married. 

10. What are you working on next?

At the moment, I'm editing some old home video footage. Just personal stuff. I'm working on my screenplays. I'm paying bills. I think I'll audition for some plays. I have an old 68 Barracuda that I'm fixing up. Not enough days in the week. I need to go to the laundry mat. My dog Tuco needs a dental. Things are piling up. I gotta go.  


  1. Great Job Blaine... Looking for more... James Clark