Saturday, December 18, 2010

My First Film Festival Experience

My first festival experience was a wonderful and timeless moment. It was so cool to look at other filmmakers displaying their dreams on screen. I felt like more of a movie groupie than a moviemaker, running around trying to see every film that I possibly could while waiting for my film“ Kontrolled” to be screened. The stories and techniques implemented were so cool!

When it came to my own I was filled with excitement and fear. My heart was beating a 1000x a minute. What was even weirder was instead of watching my film; I watched the audience and how they reacted. My heart finally rested when the film was over and I heard the applause, leaving me with relief and motivation.

Networking with other filmmakers and discussing their future projects and dreams was another great experience, I loved how nice everyone was to me being the youngest director there. I felt respected for once, and not dismissed because of my age.

Going to the festival also inspired me to try to attend at least one festival a month starting 2011. Not doing this would be ignorant on my part because there are so many talented actors and creative filmmakers out there, that not meeting them would be detrimental to my success. Another great motivation was to continue to make films on an excellent professional level. I noticed the films that stood out the most were the films that went all out to make the production as professional as possible regardless of the financial backing.

Lastly, I would like to thank God, friends and family for supporting me on the journey. My goal for 2011 is to make as many great films as possible while continuing to learning from every aspect of the industry, in hopes that one day I see my film in the Sundance Film Festival for all the Hollywood prospects to see! Thank you by the way for reading and you can follow me on twitter @youngjohnmcgill or, facebook friend me at John McGill.