Saturday, December 25, 2010

Not so much a Good Bye as a See Ya Later...

Hello everyone, it's me Manuel F@+-o. I have a story to tell. So grab your tissue and enjoy the adventure. "There once was a boy named Manny who came to a new city. He was lonesome and had nobody to call friends and nowhere to call home. Until one stormy day, just when things were darkest, the clouds parted and a shaft of light shown down on a single spot in Burbank (here). Manny followed this light hoping to find "hope" itself. He came upon a coffee shop but he wasnt expecting that when he ordered a hot chocolate he was actually ordering FRIENDS. At this special place he found love, happiness and friends that brought the smile back to his face. He saw the fire of the sun in a beautiful red head, browness that surpassed his own, the lonely teardrops of a filmmaker and the cheerleader that was his boss.

Then one sad day Manny had to say goodbye and it filled his heart with sadness. But, he will carry the memories and love of every beautiful person at S+-_$%%s. 
The end.


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