Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Thursday Before New Years in the Life

To Do : Thursday 30, 2010

Big news for the day is I’m adding a new Doc Crow song to Trap and am sending a screener out as requested for a potential distribution deal. I had the good fortune of watching Trap again today for the 1st time in months. I had forgotten how much I liked it. It really works. I’m very proud of it and want to see it released more than ever.

Anyway, here was my plan for the day and how it panned out.

  1. Create monster in the woods monster reel for sfx artist.  (Woke at 830. Cruised the www for a minute and then started at 840.)
  2. Email said reel to sfx artist. (Done at 9. Time for breakfast and coffee.)
  3. Fix missing audio bits from Trap. When I upgraded computers. I lost a few sound fx. I have to replace the missing items. (done at 1120)
  4. Go over the entire feature to make sure there are no futzs. I cut Trap in FCP5 and am now working in FCP 7. Sometimes when upgrading systems, funk things happen to edit files.  (it was just fine. In fact, I forgot how good it was. It’s a creep/good little movie.) done at 130)
  5. Replace an existing substandard song with a new one. Thanks Alonzo. (Finished that while doing the once over. Song work great. Trap has a good little soundtrack.)
  6. Screened Alonzo’s music in Trap and Monsters in the Woods for him and showed him some Monster’s footage. (Done at 330)
  7. Export a new uncompressed QuickTime of Trap. (start the export at 330 have lunch, clean bathroom)
  8. Oh, just got one of the composer sample clips for Monsters in the Woods. Gonna take a sec to check it out. (both clips are good. I think we’ve got our man)
  9. Encode said version for DVD. (took a little longer to export than I had anticipated. Had a weird issue exporting uncompressed. It kept cutting me off at 1 hr and 9 minutes. Got it fixed though. It’s now 730pm. I’m reviewing the QuickTime before starting the encode. I’ll start the encode when I go to bed.)
  10. Clean my kitchen floor and bathroom. (Did it while exporting Trap)
  11.  Review Monsters in the Woods rough cut on dvd. Make notes. (Not going to happen today. Moving that to the top of tomorrow’s agenda)
  12. Work out. (Slipped in a run after cleaning.)
  13. Review Trap screener on dvd look for errors. Hopefully there are none. (Doing it now)
  14. Create new trap screener with Trailer, BTS and commentary. (I’ll do this right before reviewing Monsters in the Woods tomorrow.)
  15. Write new Blog Post on Working for no Pay.  (I already did it. Not sure when.)
  16. Post both Pay post and this one. (Post this now)


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