Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cutting Monsters: Week 12

Down to the nitty gritty. Aside from sound there’s nothing left but color correction. My next week’s post will be all about the wonders and joys of color correction. But this week is all about the sound.

Sound design, oh sound design. How fun you are.
So much sound work to do, I hardly know where to start.

  1. set dialog levels between -10 and -18 db. This is pretty much done, but I noticed several inconsistencies when listening to the last cut. I also need to fill the empty spots between dialog.
  2. Create and set ambient sound design. Right now I have basically one track running underneath each scene. I need to add a few more layers and then a few extra touches hear and there and there.
  3. Add missing hard fx. Folly, footsteps, cloths, ect… I’ve already done about 60 percent. Most of the big stuff is done. Now I have to get a little more specific.
  4. Need to find/create/steal monster sounds, cave ambience and coyote sounds.
  5. Score. Still looking for a composer. I’m not exactly happy with the way things have panned out in this respect.

By the by, I just watched the Losers, and maybe it’s the bottle of wine talking, but I liked it.l


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