Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Next Thing

I spent a good part of my day going through my finished screenplays and outlines, refreshing my memory, so when it comes time to pitch new material (with the impending sale of Monsters in the Woods that time is soon) I’ll be ready.

I have 10 completely finished, market ready scripts and five or six others in various stages of development.

I suppose the best bet for a Monster follow-up is not one, but three of them.
I wrote a group of horror scripts, EXIT, CHOPHOUSE and WORM to shoot simultaneously. I often refer to them as my horror trilogy. Even though none of the scripts are related, they all use similar locations, equal # of cast members and breakdown at very similar budgets. Because of the proposed shooting schedule all three projects could be brought in at a very reasonable budget. Each flick would cost roughly the same as Monsters in the Woods, but the production value would be higher.
I even have teaser posters done. This was the project I was pursuing when Monsters in the Woods happened.

Then there’s Feud. It’s a much larger movie than I’ve done before. Originally titled Eschaton, Feud is the 2nd script I ever wrote. It’s basically about God and the Devil joining forces to stop a 3rd deity from destroying the world. It’s epic and fun. There are some really cool creature designs for this one.

Then there’s Edges of Twilight, or Twilight (yeah, I’ll have to re-title. It was written before I was aware of the Twilight saga.) It’s kind of a prequel to Edges of Darkness. Following the married vampire couple from Edges, before the zombie apocalypse. This movie is what would have happened if 1990 John Woo had directed a John Carpenter script. It’s really fun and stands totally on its own from Edges. In my last draft I actually changed the characters name to separate it further and make it its own story.

Or I could go more dramatic…
Moving Day is dark, comic noir about 2 best friends who have to get rid of their roommate’s body on…wait for it…Moving Day.
TRASCH_ is about a young girl who reconnects with her estranged father only to get caught up in his meth-dealing enterprise.

I like both of these scripts equally. Either would be a cool change of pace from Monsters. They’re both closer to Trap than anything else I’ve done.
Speaking of Trap, there’s also Traps, which is a loose Trap sequel (not really) It follows a couple of minor characters from Trap. But it’s totally its own story and is much more commercially pleasing than Trap was. Although, it’s an extremely personal piece featuring some things I’m not sure I’m ready to explore.

Back on the horror/sci fi front
There’s A HARD PLACE. (like between a rock and a..) It follows a group of drug dealers who stumble across the Garden of Eden and get caught in an ancient feud between the Guardians thereof. This is a really fun script. Featuring what might be the best action set pieces I’ve ever written. It’s a toss up between this and Edges of Twilight. Both are pretty kick ass.

Then there’s Afternoon Delight. A cool little alien invasion flick. I wrote it right after the 1st draft of Eschaton. It would be a blast to make.

On the unfinished or outline side there’s CRAWL, an alien invasion flick set in the 50’s. It takes place inside an old movie theater.

WRATH_ a counter point to Trasch. A female revenge fantasy in the vain of I Spit on Your Grave. But unique in that it features a completely unreliable protagonist. The crimes committed against her might all be in her head.

DEMOPOLIS. A really cool story, but I can’t really share it. I’ve been trying to crack the 2nd Act of this movie from almost 5 years.