Friday, January 28, 2011

You Might Be Brilliant, But that doesn't Mean I Love You

After seeing Black Swan, I posted on my Facebook: “I may not have totally loved it, but Black Swan was completely brilliant.” I had a few people as me later how I can think a movie was “completely brilliant” without loving it.

Well, here you go. (BEWARE: THERE ARE SOME SPOILERS, SO IF YOU DO NOT WANT IT RUINED, DO NOT KEEP READING. Also, I am aware that I use "brilliant" excessively. Get over it.)

I love movies where you feel like you are in them and when they are over, it’s almost like waking up from a dream. However, when I feel like I’m in it and I walk out feeling like I woke up from a nightmare, that doesn’t mean I’m in love. It was brilliant for making me feel nervous, anxious, unsure, uncomfortable and voyeuristic, but I don’t really enjoy feeling that way.

I’m also a HUGE sucker for a happy ending(mind out of the gutter, please.). While the overall story was thrilling and interesting and everything was so well acted and directed and the movie itself was what I would consider flawless in it’s execution, I would rather see a movie about a ballerina who gets everything she wants and doesn’t have a psychotic breakdown in the process. However, I know that this would not have made a brilliant movie. The reason Black Swan was so brilliant was because it did not follow a typical “happily ever after” formula, which, I hate to say, made the movie more realistic. Life works out to a “happily every after,” so it’s only natural that movies don’t always work out that way either. However, for me to love a movie, I don’t want realistic; I want ideal.

Finally, if I truly love a movie, I will want to see it again, probably right away. When I saw Tangled(robbed of an Oscar nomination, btw…but that’s a rant for another time.), I couldn’t wait to see it again. If movie ticket prices weren’t so astronomical, I probably would have gone again. However, with Black Swan, I thought it was so well done and impeccably acted, but I wasn’t dying to see it again. Does it deserve to win the Best Picture Oscar? Absolutely. Will it be added to my library? Absolutely not. I might have nothing but respect for everyone involved in the creation and execution of this film, but I am in no hurry to see it again. Sorry, Darren Aronofsky.


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