Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Deliverable Fun: Film Clearance Report

One item that you will need to be able to deliver to a distributor upon selling your movie is a Film Clearance Report. Script clearance research involves reading and breaking down your script, and identifying all items that represent possible legal conflicts if used as is. This includes character names, business names, product names, organization names, locations, artwork, music, copyrighted or trademarked material, and more. This must be completed by a lawyer in order for you to obtain Errors and Omissions insurance.

Below are a couple of pages from the Edges of Darkness report.
I think it will be helpful to filmmakers out there who may be unaware of certain "clearance" issues. Most things are common sense.  Brand names, personal agreements, ect... 
Others maybe not so much. For example...Bible Quotes. I told the lawyer that I got God's ok on that one.

Click on images to view larger.


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