Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dog Days of Winter_or what passes for Winter in Los Angeles

So, I spent the majority of the past three weeks laid up battling a Captain Trips-esque cold and flu. Screeners of Monsters in the Woods are finding their ways into the hands of eagerly waiting distributors and film festivals. I found myself creatively a little stifled. I haven't much felt like blogging or writing in general.
Nah, most of this time I devoted to Netflix instant view (one of the greatest inventions ever) and there's nothing wrong with that.

I kicked things off with a Van Damme marathon. I’ve always liked Van Damme. His mainstream work has been consistently good. He’s made some off choices, but he always commits 100 percent to his roles. Case in point, Double Impact, in which he played opposite himself. He did an excellent job of giving each of the characters distinct personalities and physical characteristics. He even put on an extra 20 pounds of muscle to play the brutier one. Double impact also features an awesome one on one between the two.
Then there’s Timecop, which is “90’s as fuck” (thanks Shannon) but is also well done and at times touching. I finished up the marathon with a couple of his latter day dtv flicks. The Order (not much good to say about it) and The Hard Corps, which is a under budgeted, illegitimate love child of Man of Fire and The Bodyguard.

Next up, Dreamcatcher a movie so bad, its beyond words. Devin Farci said it much better than I ever could.    Bad Ass Digest

Then came Skins. Seasons 1-3.
This show really makes me question my place in the world. I mean, how is it that a male in his 30’s can be so wrapped up in a show about and made by kids. I devoured this raunchy teen-melodrama in just over 4 days.

The Parking Lot Movie struck a chord with me. I don’t see how anyone who worked service for any length of time couldn’t see a bit of themselves or others they know in it. Cool Documentary.

The Millinium Trilogy. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It was ok.
The Girl Who Played with Fire. Not quite as ok as the 1st.
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. I was over it before it started.

The Lost Boys the Tribe. Ashamed to admit it, but I kind of liked it. Sure it was awful. But I watched beginning to end and enjoyed most of it.

The Last Song. No doubt about it. I’m a sucker for chick flicks and I actually really like this one. Greg Kinear can do no wrong.

Death at a Funeral. I cannot believe the same director did this, In the Company of Men and Your Friends and Neighbors. Well…I guess he did do the Wicker Man too. This was horrible.

An Education. Really, really liked it. But it is kind of sad when you reach a point in your life when you start seeing more of yourself in villains than heroes.

Legendary. Good kiddie movie of the week material. I enjoyed.

Smokey and the Bandit 2. What can I say? Junior when your mama gets home I’m going to kick her in the butt.

Solitary Man. Michael Douglas absolutely owns in this movie.

Exam. British, Cube-esque thriller about job applicants locked in a room to answer a single question. Catch is they don’t know what it is. Good stuff.

Blade 2. I freakin love this movie. If not my favorite Del Toro, its way up there. Wesley Snipes is the epitome of badass.

Eyes Wide Shut. Didn’t hold up that well for me. I remember liking it much more. Still much better than it’s usually given credit for.

I’m sure there’s a dozen or so more I’m missing. Oh well…time to get back to making movies….


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