Saturday, March 19, 2011

Another Saturday in the Life of A Low Budget Movie Maker

The days and months following a production wrap can be tedious. 
I really can't wait for the day when I can jump right onto a new project. I suppose the down time between each of my features has gotten shorter with each one, but still not short enough for my taste.

530 am up and adam. Off to work until 245pm. It was a hellatious day. I really felt beat at the end of it.

3pm My reel day begins. 1st up working on my director’s reel. I spent about an hour looking up other director’s reels on the net. Its good to see what others are up to.

4pm – 5pm. start completing footage from Trap; Edges of Darkness and Monsters in the Woods (don’t believe there’s anything usable from Rise of the Undead. It’s difficult looking through you work, searching for the best bytes. But, I think I found some good stuff.

I also need to work on my editor’s reel, but I’m going to save that for next week.
***when I got my new computer, I also got the full adobe creative suite along with some web building programs. I’ve decided to teach myself basic web-design. I need to be able to update sites and build up one for my resume and reel. I’m going to start on that tomorrow after Meaghan’s birthday brunch. Of course pausing for Meaghan’s birthday karaoke-Sunday night.  Who’s Meaghan? She’s my friend.

5pm – 6pm A little film fest research. Looking for Festivals for both Trap and Monsters in the Woods. Picked a few for both. Submitted Trap. Have to wait til Tuesday for Monsters. My goal is to submit 2 festivals a month for each through June or July. We’ll see how my finances hold up.
I’m going to a full post on submitting film fests and my opinions on it this week. So my 2 readers got that to look forward to.

7pm – 8pm. Have a beer. Watch last week’s episode of Justified. The show just keeps skirting being really good. IT flirts with it constantly, but hasn’t quite made it yet. But I keep watching.

9- 1030pm Burned a new Monsters in the Woods screener. Added some fixed shots and have been working on filling out the sound design. I wanted to make sure the dvd played all the way through with no troubles before sending it off to the next fest.

11pm - ???

Yeah, yeah. So I posted this at  512 on the day it supposedly chronicles. I guess that calls in to question all that as come before. Woah, like the Matrix and shit.


  1. Yay, one of those two readers right here.

    And that post for fests sounds good. just compiled a list to submit to yesterday, now to whittle it down to those that are worth the money...