Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Film Fests: What Do I know?

Honestly not too much.

Both Monsters in the Woods and Trap will be my 1st real experiences with Film Fests. Hopefully over the coming months, I can write with a little more authority on the subject. My sold my first two features without ever entering a single festival. To be honest I did submit both, but they were both picked up before festival notification were even posted (they didn’t get in anyway.) I’ve never even actually been to a film fest. (well, I did go to a small one in Indianapolis right outta highschool. I don’t even remember the experience though (I did a lot of drugs and drinking back then)

From what I understand, regardless of your distribution plans, the biggest plus to having your movie screen in festivals is it builds not only a pedigree for your movie, but one for you as a filmmaker. Even if your flick doesn’t pick up any awards, just the festival leaves and an official selection of blah, blah, helps your movie’s distribution potential. It all give you a bit more clout as a filmmaker, makes it a bit easier to ask for money.  Even if you can’t get into the bigger festivals (and let’s face it, who can that’s not related to or sleeping with somebody that makes the calls?) being in the several little festivals can help too. And there are many reputable smaller festivals (or so I’m told)

The plan of attack for Monster in the Woods is to 1st hit up some of the bigger festivals with upcoming deadlines and then hit up as many reputable “smaller” fests as we can find and afford. When picking a fest, I search through the past years line up and look for similar movies to mine, at least in tone and genre. So of course we’re targeting horror themed festivals. But, I’d like to think that Monsters in the Woods as appeal beyond just the horror-centric festivals, so we’re submitting to others as well. I think so far, we’ve submitted Monsters to 9 fests. Including Toronto Independent, Fantastic Fest, Shriekfest, and Screamfest. There are others.

Trap seems to be a more festival friendly movie. (at least I hope so). I’m submitting it as much as I possibly can. So far I’ve submitted three festivals. The plan is to hit up one or two a month for the next 6 months.

Notifications for both movies start around June. 


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