Monday, March 7, 2011

So I'm a Redundant Blogger....What!?

I just know I've posted almost this same blog before, but it here I go again. Cuz that's how I roll?

One of my hugest pet peeves is actors that don’t support their work.  I know several actors, some from my past works, some from others, who do absolutely nothing…I mean nothing to support the projects that they are in. Not so much as a single post on their Facebooks, twitters, ect... It also happens that these same actors haven’t worked much or at all since the projects I knew them on. Maybe they’re not proud of the work, or their performance or whatever. But its part of the job to support the work, like it or not. You sign on to a project, you see it through.  I’ve had to grit my teeth, smile and say not mean things about projects I worked on that are complete shit. But I do it. Damn, this turned into a bitter sounding rant.

Now of course there are a ton of indies that take a long time to get released. Some take years. People move on, or they simply don’t know how to promote themselves or the stuff they’re in. To these folks I say…IF YOU WANT TO MAKE IT. YOU BETTER LEARN.

Anyway, I’m not here to tear anyone down, instead I’ll build someone up.

 Lee Perkins is damn fine actor. He’s also a real cool guy who really knows how to network and promote himself. He doesn’t wait for the director, producer or studio to do the work. He finishes his work, and then he does his very best to support it. He had basically a cameo in Edges of Darkness, but he supported the shit outta it. More so than ANYONE else involved in that production, save for me and Annemarie. ****and I honestly don’t think Lee liked the movie very much. But that’s what’s so cool about him. He doesn’t judge the work. He just supports it as he sees fit. And the sheer volume of work he’s been offered is at least in part a testament to that, and to a larger extent because he’s a really good actor.

1st off it’s awesome to have him in your movie, cuz he’s good. But his work doesn’t stop there. Over the years, besides the promotion he’s done for my movies, he’s also given me great advice and pointed me in the right direction more than once. 


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