Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's Doing with Monsters in the Woods???

Well, short answer is it’s currently being submitted to Film Festivals. Notifications as to where it gets in start around March and April. In the meantime, there will be very little to update.

Initially the plan was to turn the movie around very quickly and sell to a smaller distributor. However, both the producers and I feel that the finished product could go much further and reach a much wider audience. Therefore we’re taking the time to run the film festival circuit in order to explore all possible avenues of distribution. As well as, using the extra time to fine tune the visual fx and score.

 In the past, I’ve sold my movies straight out to smaller distributors or sales agents. I think its time for a change and Monsters in the Woods will facilitate that change. I’ve never really submitted or attended film festivals with one of my own movies, and am looking forward to the experience. We are submitting to bigger fests as well as more specific horror fests.

I’ll post updates on it from time to time to let everyone know how it’s going.


  1. Jason, love your blog's honesty and wit. And I admire and respect your persistence and drive. It will be be worth it in the bed. Enjoy the ride.

    Albert Pyun

  2. Thanks,

    That really means a lot to me. Its really tough out there now for indie filmmakers (who am I telling?) but I believe strongly that the ones who hang in there and keep trucking are the ones that find success.

    I was reading the other day how you've had to shoot 2 movies at once due to financial constraints. I've been pitching a trio of horror flicks I planned to shoot the same way. I'm trying to do all three for an under 100k production budget.

    Anyway, thanks again for reading.