Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Will Edit for Food...

So, I’ve done a lot of different production jobs since graduating college. I even lived a few years off the production work alone with no other sources of income. But, time and again, I retreat back to a day job (coffee shop variety) while pursuing my own projects. I’ve gone back and forth like this for almost 10 years.

I’ve said time and time again, the starving artist shtick is kinda cool in your 20’s, but is a lot less so in your 30’s and probably down right sucks in your 40’s.

The past year, I’ve done almost no outside production work (save for my own movies and a few furniture commercial spots) and have lived almost solely from my day gig. I’m not ashamed of my job and I actually enjoy the work, however, I’m fast reaching a point in my life where I need more (especially financially). My student loans are at the forbearance and deferment limits (I already stretched that shit too far). I also have a rather large small business loan to pay back.  I took it out right after Katrina to buy my 1st editing system.

I’ve stretched kind of money I make slinging coffee to the max. I’ve been hesitant to seek more steady work in production or specifically as an editor (the area I’ve worked the most) because when I have worked steady as an editor, I really start to hate editing and filmmaking in general. I’m worried about burning out on the thing I love before I really get a chance to do it.

To be honest, maybe I’m just comfortable. Its easy to just go with what’s in front of you. Be it a day job or bad relationship (like how I worked that in) it’s easier to stay in a bad situation than to go and start over. It gets especially more difficult as you get older.

Anywho, I’ve put together a new resume today and am working on new director and editor reels, along with a webpage to host them. I’ve purused the job sites and plan to start seriously looking the 2nd I finish my reels, which should be Monday, barring any disasters.

So yeah, guess I’ll give editing for food a try.


  1. Hey, I'm a composer and I just ran into "monsters in the woods". I actually sent some music to the Al Gomez gmail account a few seconds ago.

    There's a project I'm involved in right now that is looking for an editor. It's going to be a rock opera/musical type thing, but they will be shooting a trailer/music video in a month or two, and it's going to need an editor.

    I'm writing this as "anonymous" because I don't have any blog accounts, but if you're interested in this editing gig, you can reach me at and I'll reserve you the spot.