Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jason Horton / Hired Gun

So, I haven’t posted anything in over a week. It’s mostly because I’ve been busy prepping a new movie. What new movie, you may ask yourself? That is if give a flying...
Its called “Put a Ring on it,” a romantic comedy about a young lady whose plan to propose to her boyfriend goes awry when an old flame shows up.  Granted, that’s not a very good description. I’ve always been bad with loglines. Anywho, we start shooting in a little over a week (april 27th - may 2nd.) So there’s a ton of prep work to be done. We have more than a few names signed on (or start talent as my producer calls it). I'll make some announcements about that soon.
The cool thing is, I didn’t write this opus. I’ve been hired as a director/editor. It’s my 1st official time being hired to direct something that I did not write. Hopefully, I’ll be posting more on the prep, production and post as it goes on. Thing’s are getting very busy, very quick. We're still locking down locations and crew. We just signed a really cool, young DP. 

 (by the by, I’m looking for a sound mixer if anyone knows someone in the LA area with equipment; mixer, boom and at least 2 lavs.)

Gotta run, got a shot list to do.


  1. thanks, this shoot is probably one of the toughest schedules (page wise) I've ever done. We're averaging 18 page days.