Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pre-Productio: Put a Ring on it - Thursday (13 Days to go)

Thursday, April 14

13 days till production.

Yesterday, I got the main script breakdown complete (we know what scenes we’re shooting on what day and the order). My AD is taking all that info and putting it into call sheets. The call sheets will be distributed to the producers and crew on Monday.  Looks like I also found a sound guy. I need to confirm with him before the end of day.

Crew wise we’re looking good. We still need a hair/make-up artist. I’m going to reach out to our PM today at our meeting and see if she can head that search up. I’m trying to distance myself a little more from the production side of prep so that I can fully concentrate on the creative.

So, today I’m mainly concentrating on the script. I need to finish my script analysis and shot lists. After a workout and breakfast, I’ll head down to my local coffee shop to burry myself in it. At some point I’m supposed to meet with PM, I’m waiting to hear what her schedule looks like today.

We’re still locking locations. Until they are locked and we know exactly what we’re dealing with I can’t really prep my Production Designer. He’s pretty much standing by right now.

Tomorrow we’re having auditions. The producer has already attached “names” to three of the major roles, however we still need to find our two leads and Elmer (in the script he’s written as being 95). Elmer’s probably the role I’m most worried about. And riddle me this? Why is it when you post a project on an actor’s casting site that you get 300 submissions for the role of WAITER, but only 50 for the leads? Just curious.


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