Monday, April 18, 2011

A Pre-Production Day in the Life of a Low Budget Moviemaker

  1. 7am. Up. Send emails to the producers and production managers regarding casting, union status and locations. Also, reviewed the prop list. The PM put it up on googe docs. Really good tool. I’ve never used before.
  2. Power read through the script.
  3. 850am Head to the gym
  4. 950am Breakfast. Oatmeal and coffee (pretty much my standard_need to get some fruit.)
  5. 10am exchange a few casting emails with the producers.
  6. 1045 am head down to the local starbucks to work on my shot list and storyboards. I want to be completely done with them by Wednesday.
  7. 205 Damn I’m good. Shot is is done. Still got a few storyboards to do. Came home to cook lunch for me and the AD whilst we work on our call sheets and schedule.
  8. 230 – 630 work on call sheets with the AD.
  9. 645 – 9 Scream4
  10. 9-1230 Barneys with friends.

A productive day. A fun day. I wish I could’ve stepped outside my head a little more to enjoy it. Funny how one lillle piece of information that shouldn’t matter to you at all can totally ruin your day. 


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