Friday, April 15, 2011

Pre-Production: Put a Ring on it (12 days to go)

Friday  April 15

Big audition day today.

Let me tell the tale of how poor Jason and how he ran this unfortunate audition. 1st off, audition space is cheap. And it’s not a good idea to try and cast both supporting cast and leads on the same day.

Over the course of 4 hrs, we had to see over 60 actors. This left us with only a few minutes with each actor, which for minor roles might be ok, but it’s hardly enough time to suss out an actor’s ability to carry a movie.

On top of that, I didn’t double-check the submissions that my casting director had made. He came onto the project rather late and didn’t have a good feel for what we were looking for. In truth, I didn't prepare him. As a result, many of the actors that showed up were just plain wrong for the parts. And what do you say to some actor that drove clear across town and just isn’t right? Do you tell him to beat it? Maybe you should, but that’s not something I can do. So we read each and every one, giving them the same attention and respect we do to all.

We did find some good fits for some of the supporting roles. And have already booked the space for another round of purely lead auditions for this Wednesday.


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