Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pre-Production: Put a Ring on it. (14 days to go)

Wednesday, April 13

14 days til production.

This whole project came together very fast. I had been talking on and off with the producer for over a month about the possibility of directing some material for him. However, the trigger wasn’t officially pulled until last week when I received and read the script. It’s a really smartly written indie. There are only 5 major speaking roles, one major location and few costume changes. The bulk of the movie takes place over the course of a single evening; so clothing continuity and wardrobe budget aren’t much of a concern. The producer has attached 3 name actors (more on that in another post.) 

Probably the most exciting aspect of the movie to me though, is it’s a real actor’s piece. This movie will live or die based on the performances and how I shape them. It’s an exciting challenge that I look forward to tackling. It’s a romantic comedy/drama, definitely a change of pace from the more thriller/horror-centric last few projects I’ve done. But, those who know me, know I loves me my chick flicks. So it’s not as “outta left field” as it may seem, me directing a rom-com. 

  1. Finish up schedule/call sheets and breakdown. I’m meeting with my AD around 3pm to do all that. We’ve already completed the 1st two days of the shoot. We need to knock out the main house location days. (80% of the movie takes place there)
  2. Reach out to and lock down a good sound mixer. The importance of sound on a low budget production cannot be underestimated.
  3. Work a little more on my shot list. I want to have a specific plan to present to the production manager when we meet on Thursday.

That’s it. Then the following day, I’m supposed to meet up with Production Manager. We need to lock down locations and the rest of the crew.


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