Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pre-Production: Put a Ring on it (3 Days to go) or Something’s gotta go right.

What a freakin weekend!

Ok, so we start shooting on the 27th. We had our 1st round of auditions 2 weeks ago (they didn’t go so hot). We were able to fill out the supporting cast, but were still without our leads. The soonest we could reschedule was Friday, April 22nd.  So we had auditions, we got some great actors and found 2 we wanted to cast. But I’ll get back to this.

Then our Dp quit. See the location is about an hour and a half away and we’re shooting an average of 18 pages a day. The DP got cold feet. He did recommend another and we began talking to him. I also reached out to another DP who’s good friends with my AD. Anyway, we went back and forth between these two all Friday and Saturday and finally settled on the AD’s pal. So we’re now a little over 4 days away from principle photograph and have to bring the DP and 2 lead actors up to speed in order to start shooting on Wednesday.

Then on the producers gets their stuff stolen. In the stuff is the only contact for one of the roles in the movie. So now on Sunday night, 3 day before principle photography begins I’m casting a role from scratch, prepping a new Dp, coming up with a new equipment list and taking over the propmaster duties because our PM failed to find one.

Independent moviemaking is indeed not for pussies.


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