Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pre-Production: Put a Ring on it. (7 Days to go)

Big day today.

  1. 4am -11am day gig.
  2. Contact actors about restatraunt shoot change. (I had a bunch of previous cast member coming to fill up our restaurant set, but it turns out we’re shooting in the moring and not night now. Done.
  3. Clean up email
  4. 1115 arrive home. Check email.
  5. Call sound mixer. Confirm dates.
  6. Send Scripty email.
  7. Check LA Casting Site start making selections
  8. Reach out to Tom and Blaine confirm location scout tomorrow.
  9. Read over Thea sides.
  10. Work on call sheets.
  11. Go to late auditions


  1. Who knew film making was basically just organising stuff. And people think we go around being all inspirational the whole time.

  2. I spend more time with schedules, emails, phone call and call sheets than I do on script analysis or talking to actors. It sucks, buts its the nature of the beast when you're working on a low budget production.