Saturday, April 2, 2011

What a Difference 2 Years Make?

Not very much as it turns out. Here's a list of 25 random things about me I wrote in Feburary 2009 complete with updated commentary.

1. I'm sad I got the time to do this.
(yup, still sad. Plus now I got time to blog about it. Fuck I hate in between movie downtime.)

2. I'm living in Burbank California, but miss just about everywhere else I ever lived. Especially New Olreans.
(still in Burbank, still miss New Orleans)

3. I wrote and directed one of the worse movies ever distributed "Rise of the Undead" It's avaible on Amazon and Netflix.

4. My 2nd movie was much better "Edges of Darkness" It'll be availalbe soon, but if you really have to see it early, it's been pirated online.
(Edges was released in the US by Anchor Bay and did pretty damn well for an indie. I just finished Monsters in the Woods and it is damn fine.)

5. 2 & 1/2 Men is on in the background as I type this. I'd feel bad for Charlie Sheen if he wasn't the highest paid sitcom actor working today.
(too soon)

6. I'm in my 30's and still occasionally break out.
(haven’t had a blemish all year. Pretty much)

7. I don't eat much sugar any more, but have been eating lots of chips.
(no longer believe in cutting anything out completely (unless doctor mandiated). Moderation right)

8. I've directed two horror flick and am prepping three more, but am looking forward to doing something a little different.
(shot a drama/noir called Trap. It’s good)

9. I'm not married, never have been and don't plan to be.
(no change there, although I maybe did fall in love for a minute or maybe I was just bored)

10. I fucking hate the Boondock Saints, but love the documentary about the director.
11. I miss having a dog.
(My roommate picked up a lap dog. She’s the bee’s knees.)

12. I shaved my beard last week and am missing it.
(sporting an almost full one now. I like to alternate between beard/no beard now)

13. The last book I read was Blood Meridian. I didn't put it down.
(just finished Hunger Games. It rocked)

14. i could care less about the super bowl or the oscars.
15. While I don't want a wife, I do envy my friends with families. (the children)
16. I can never get enough to eat. I just finished off a giant portabella steak. 2 small baked potatoes w/sour cream, a side cottage cheese and a whole grapefruit and am hungry again.
(eating more meals/smaller portions now)

17. My driver's side truck window was smashed over a year ago and I still haven't got it fixed. It doesn't rain much in LA.
(got rid of the truck last year. Now walking, biking and bussing. I'm so green.)

18. I think Jeff Fahey is cool.
19. I was the lead singer of a funk/rock band outta highschool. And it didn't totally suck.
20. I've not been cloths shopping in a few years.
(just thrift stores)

21. I don't smile alot cuz I'm self conscious about it. In grade school some girl, I don't even remember her name, told me I had an ugly smile.

(don't think that will ever go away)

22. I like my hair.
(it just gets better with age)

23. I was engaged. It didn't work out.
24. I couldn't make it through Dreamgirls.
25. My mother misses me very much.

Not much as changes. 2 new movies in 2 years. But still the same old me. Funny, I recently unearthed and old journal I used to keep right after highschool. We like to think as we get older that we change, that we become wiser and even sometimes develop into completely different people Me? I still have the same kind of thoughts, worries, interests. The only major change is I’ve become much more accepting of who I am. As a good friend recently said, “I’m very comfortable with who I am.”


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